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Legambiente eco tours in Tuscany and Emilia

Follow our Ambassadors Vincent, Wolfgang & Gabriele

The week from May 27th to June 5th is devoted to “slow” Italy. Italia Slow Tour joins Legambiente’s national campaign “Loving Italy” to discover the beauty of little italian villages and to promote sustainable tourism! We invited our first Ambassadors to experience a couple of eco itineraries in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, are you ready to follow their steps?

Modena’s Appennins

Vincent is from Holland and he is going to discover the Appenino of Modena! He will spend the last weekend of May (May 30th/31st) visiting several villages near Modena, in the area of Mount Cimone, the highest peak of the Northern Appenines. The main theme of his journey is to explore the area of production of Parmigiano Reggiano, such a symbol of Italian Food in the world! But the Modena Appenines area is famous also for other tasty local products: the cheese Caciotta Bianca Modenese, the nut liquor called Nocino, the wild blackberries, for example… Vincent will visit the villages of Fanano, Sestola, Montecreto, Riolunato, Pievepelago, Fiumalbo and Frassinoro!

Sestola, by lo.tangelini

Sestola, by lo.tangelini

Maremma Park

Wolfgang and Gabriele are from Germany and they are going to discover the Maremma Park in Tuscany! They will land at the airport of Florence the 3rd of June, but their itinerary starts 150 km southern, at Grosseto. During a two days full tour (June 3rd/4th), they will discover the landscapes and the products of the Maremma Park, such as the native cows reared here, known for their strength. They will experience a bike itinerary through the park and they will taste typical dishes and local wines made with organic products. Have you ever heard of the Maremma Braised and the Peposo? Wolfgang and Gabriele will also visit Legambiente environmental education center for responsible tourism and renewable energy.

Ombrone Valley, pic by Michela Simoncini

Ombrone Valley, pic by Michela Simoncini

During their tours, please follow our Ambassadors live on Italia Slow Tour Facebook page and Twitter account! Then we are glad to invite you all to meet them personally on Sunday, June 7th, at EXPO Milan during a great event hosted by Legambiente at the Cascina Triulza space! Inside EXPO Milan, the Cascina Triulza is a very special place: it is the only building which already existed in the area before the whole EXPO was built! It is an ancient farmhouse completely restored, original from Lombardy, which really deserves a view.

See you at EXPO Milan, with our Ambassadors and Legambiente!


Main pic and Maremma pic courtesy of Flickr User Michela Simoncini

Sestola pic courtesy of Flickr User Lo.Tangelini


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