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Collescipoli presents Jazzit Fest

Three days of music and events from June 26th to 28th

by Nicoletta Speltra. 

3 days of music. 100 concerts. 800 musicians. 130 operators. 200 volunteers. And then conferences, workshops, expo, art exhibitions, campus, cinema… All for the Jazzit Fest, the cultural event that from June 26th to 28th, 2015, animates the small village of Collescipoli, in Umbria, in its 3rd edition.

This music festival was born in 2013 and it is very special for several reasons: First, it has a Code of Ethics that states: zero grants, environmental sustainability, art direction open source, sharing economy, social inclusion, cultural tourism and active voluntary service. A very big involving party, more than a festival, that enjoys everyone: both the 300 inhabitants of Collescipoli -children, young people and the elders-, and all the fans of jazz music coming from near and far. All the concerts and events are free. But of course a spontaneous offer is welcomed. For three days they are guaranteed much music, seminars, exhibition of art and photography, market-exhibitions of cd, vinyls, books and merchandising and beautiful places to visit.

The Jazzit Fest involves also occasional tourists: Collescipoli is a charming and ancient town, with its Romanesque churches and its historic homes. Visit also other fascinating places like the Marmore Falls, one of the highest in Europe. A legend on the origins of the waterfall says that a nymph, Nera, fell in love with a handsome shepherd, Velino. But Juno, jealous of this love, transformed the nymph into a river. Then Velino, not to lose his beloved, threw himself headlong into the river from the Marmore cliff… His gesture, made for love, is destined to repeat itself in eternity through the continuous waterfall movement.

Jazzit Fest Logo

Jazzit Fest Logo

More on: Jazzit Fest website


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