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Authentic Italian hamlets: Biccari

A welcoming place on the Dauni Mountains, Puglia, Southern Italy

We were in Biccari to attend the annual National Celebration of Authentic hamlets. Biccari is one of Italy’s “Borghi Autentici (i.e. authentic hamlets or historical villages); there are hundreds in Italy that are organising themselves to offer hospitality to tourists and travellers.

Biccari is in the South, in the region Apulia. The surrounding mountains are known as the Dauni mountains, in memory of the early populations, that probably came from the sea to inhabit these lands before the Romans.

Visit the “borgo”, its huge cathedral devoted to St Mary of Constantinople and the Monastery nearby with the Lake Pescara. Go wandering in the narrow streets and taste some local specialities like the excellent white pizza made in the open oven, don’t miss the chance to dance some exciting Pizzica…

Read also Libby’s travel diary in Biccari, #italiaslowtour UK ambassador!

Cover pic courtesy of  Flickr User Andrey Lytvynenko

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Italia Slow Tour

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