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Venetian Villas: Villa dalla Zonca

Eat at the bio restaurant and sleep in this great noble Villa

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On the road to Treviso, I stopped at a strange pizzeria in the village Arcade. It is totally modern, but got from a old stable, there is also a modern full-size statue of a horse. In this pizzeria you can taste only special pizzas handmade using biological flour, no beer, but local wine produced in the farm next. If you decide to spend the night in the near hotel, you’ll discover it is actually the barchessa (rural stable) of a prestigious villa, Villa Zonca.

Villa Zonca follows the typical Venetian Villa chronology: it is from the end of the 15th century and it has been restored during the 18th century. The Dalla Zonca family conquered the villa by the end of the 19th century and they had the house perfectly restored from its own ruins after the First World War. Count Agostino Dalla Zonca welcomes me looking like a perfect country gentleman and he takes me on a tour of the two floors of the house. At the entrance in the ground floor there is a beautiful statue of a beautiful woman, that may have been sculptured by Canova. The Count doesn’t talk too much about it, but his family was known to receive different artists, a sort of vocation to the patronage. So the villa is full of precious works of art.

There is an amazing room that suddenly reminds to sumptuous parties and a great library with the history of all Dalla Zonca family members, who were very important people in the commercial and diplomatic Italian history. Actually, the most beautiful room is… the Count’s bedroom, but it isn’t open to the public… I peeked into just for a second, thanks to his daughter-in-law Pamela. Hoping that her father-in-law won’t read this!

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