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Venetian Villas: Ca’ Zen

The place where Lord Byron met his secret Italian love

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We moved to the mouth of river Po, poetically renamed “Little Mesopotamia”, the area of Polesine. At Taglio di Po, just near the river bank, the structure of a Villa follows the outline of a park. The red walls has been faded by humidity, the house is disguised behind fog and surrounding. Ca’ Zen is not a New Age base, it is a Vila built during the 18th century by the ancient noble Venetian family Zen.

Ca’ Zen has also been influenced by the Anglo-Saxons, not only because the present owner is Irish. The lovestory between Byron and Teresa Gamba took place here: the young and beautiful Teresa was the third wife of Ca’ Zen’s first owner, the Marquis Alessandro Guiccioli. In 1824 Teresa and Byron met in Venice and fell in love, so the Marquis exiled his wife here at Taglio di Po to separate her from her lover. Lord Byron decided to catch up with her, and here he composed some poetries inspired by Teresa and by river Po…

I think we could easily compare Teresa and Maria Adelaide, the young daughter of the present owner. She is beautiful and she rides through the poplars like an Amazon. But Maria Adelaide is also focused in the organization of a Venetian-Anglo-Saxon welcome in the villa and many other initiatives, for example horse trekking in the National Park of river Po delta. The villa is great, both on the outside which is an ancient noble house, but rural at the same time, and the inside with typical English interior design.


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Main pic courtesy of Toprural (Flickr user)

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