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One day at EXPO Milan

Discovering Legambiente’s area and the Italian Pavilion

by Wolfgang & Gabriele


The day after our tour of Florence, we had to say farewell to beautiful Florence and took the high speed train which took us to Milan in two hours! Gianfranco, Silvia and Virginia from Italia Slow Tours picked us up and took us to the Legambiente house at the EXPO. There we were interviewed about our experiences in the Maremma region and about the typical Tuscan food we had tasted there.

For lunch, a nice buffet with local specialities had been prepared: bread, cheese, ham, sausages, jam, honey, various breadspreads, olives, dried tomatoes – and wine, of course.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to visit the Italian Pavillon at the EXPO with a special tour guide. His explanations were very helpful for us! Without him, we wouldn’t have understood the meaning of the exhibits. The visitor is supposed to experience everything with all his senses, not just with his mind. For instance, there is a completely dark area which has to be discovered by the sense of touch. Of course, a camera is useless there – but it was quite useful in the mirror labyrinth through which we walked… This imposingly designed place we liked best. Constantly changing views of beautiful places in Italy were projected on the glass walls, and the visitors walked through it. I felt like moving in a kaleidoscope!

Another baffling sight was a three-dimensional map of South Europe WITHOUT ITALY (It had been broken off right at the Alps). The first thought was: “Something is wrong here”. The world is hard to imagine without Italy – as for us, we can not imagine that at all! In many aspects, Italy is the the origin of European culture.

Finally it was time to say goodby to the Italia Slow Tour team. Gianfranco kindly took us to the airport Milano-Bergamo and in the evening we returned to Munich with our Air Dolomiti flight – still dreaming of Italy and its hospitality.

Thank you all for this wonderful trip!

Wolfgang & Gabriele

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